Family Picture

Family Picture

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Daddy's Day!!

It is a little bit strange celebrating Father's Day for Brian and I.  Brian's dad passed away in August of 2000 and my dad passed away in October of 2000 so it has been over a decade since either of us have celebrated father's day. 
But we are so glad we get to celebrate this year!

Brian has been a fantastic daddy to Leo so far.  He makes up and sings songs to him, he changes him, he plays with him, he takes him so mom can get a break, he dresses him, he calms him, he giggles with him, he prays for him, he protects him from crazy birds, and lots more.  I knew that Brian would be a great dad because I have seen him be such a great father figure to so many kids before Leo ever made his grand debute! 

It is amazing to see what best buddies Leo and Brian already are!  I can't wait to watch their relationship grow! 

And for your viewing pleasure here are some pics of the dynamic duo!

Daddy taking a little bit out of Leo on the high ropes course

Leo's first slide ride

Riding daddy

Admiring one another's cuteness

Both my boys smiling :)

Best Buddies

Watching Da Bears
New Daddy

Monday, June 13, 2011

Irish Days

Well it has been awhile since we have updated!  Our computer was broken for a couple weeks so that is my excuse.  This past weekend we went down to Farmersville for Irish Days.  One of my favorite traditions as a family is creating a float for the parade and then being in the parade throwing out candy and passing out water.  This year the theme was 100 years plus 1 (very lame I know).  So we were the 101 Dalmations (very original I know :) ).  So Leo got to experience his first Irish Days and his first parade.  He enjoyed the pedal tractor pull, the food, the sounds and lights of the rides, the parade, meeting lots of new people, and a few naps.   We also learned he is quite the dancer as you can see him rockin' it out with Auntie Jennie below.

We also took the traditional all the grandkids on the slide together picture.  This is the first year Leo got to join in on the action.

Leo (5months), Darren (15), Tucker (10), Callie (8), Case (7), and Dylan (5)