Family Picture

Family Picture

Friday, January 27, 2012

This and that

*I'm typing w/ one hand b/c I'm feeding baby Riley w/ the other so excuse the quality of typing please*

It is AMAZING how much we have seen Leo grow in the past month.  He is definitely an expert walker now, he is able to communicate a bit better about what he wants/is thinking.  He points, grunts, and uses hand movements, that he has learned from his momma without her realizing she was teaching them.  He plays patty cake and loves to read.  Two of his favorite activities are dunking and playing basketball (much to daddy's excitement) and he loves to be chased. If he hears Brian or I coming he will squeal and take off as quickly as his wobbly little legs can take him. 
 I am now babysitting a sweet little 2 1/2 month old and Leo LOVES her!  He is very concerned if she cries and drops everything to go check on her, he shares his blanky w/ her, gives her hugs, and tries to share his binky (he also tries to steal her binky).

Here are a few videos to enjoy.

Leo loves to "help" by sweeping

Here is Leo dunking.  Our buddy Shom gave us a wedding gift that was specifically for Brian b/c apparently "all the other wedding gifts were really just for me."  So Bri used HIS gift card to buy a little bball rim and ball.  I tell you what that bball rim and ball is probably the wedding gift that still gets the most use!

It is really fun to see Leo actually starting to respond appropriately to the word "No".  Typically, he would go to the electrical outlets and look at me or Brian.  We would say "No no Leo."  At that point he would look at us, smile, grab the cord and yank!  Oh goodness, are we in for it.  Now he will look at us, we will say no, and he will walk away.  Score 1 for the clueless parents.  Although, looking at this video it is obvious we still have work to do.  Score 1 for Leo.

I will at some point get a birthday post up :)