Family Picture

Family Picture

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hours of fun

Okay mabye not hours but 20 minutes of pure activity can feel like hours (in a good way).  Our lil dude is lovin' moving around these days, and to be honest momma and daddy are loving it too.  He has moved from the purely cute phase, into the I'm fun and cute and know it :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

6 months old

I just can't believe the lil dude is 6 months old!  Our sweet friend Kristi is taking some 6 month pictures tonight and some family shots. 

So as a 6 monther we are starting on some foods.  He started with carrots.  Not a very fun reaction but he liked them.  Many of you know he is a spitter upper, but I thought with solids they would stay down a little better.  I was wrong.  Our carpet, his bouncer, his outfit, my outfit, and several burp rags now have an awesome orange tint...carrots won't stain...right?

I was able to make a ton of baby food for him last week.  So he will have lots of yummy stuff to try...and peas.  I tried all of the foods I made and by far the peach was the most AMAZING!!  I could have eaten it all but then I realized that would be lame :)

And for your viewing pleasure our lil friend enjoying a lil late morning fun.


We went to Splashdown Water Park with Leo's cousins today.  We were missing Dylan and Darren but Tucker, Calie, and Case all came to play.  They are so funny!  They LOVE Baby Leo!  As we were heading out and Leo was in his carseat I went to grab something and when I came back he had about ten toys piled on top of him plus a burp rag covering his "cold" legs.  They try to soothe him by getting into his face and cooing at him, which he is pretty scared of, but it is so stinkin' sweet.  They also made several pictures for him that are now displayed in his room, one of Leo as a pirate, Leo as a Lion, Leo as a rapper (with backup singers), and Leo as a baby! 

So we tried the water.  Leo didn't like it at all.  But he was adorable.  End of story :)