Family Picture

Family Picture

Monday, September 19, 2011

Time Flies...

...when your camera is broken!

Brian and some of the youth group kids went on a missions trip in July and our camera went down for the count.  It was an older camera so it was probably over due.  Brian and I thought we would just wait until my birthday or Christmas to get a new one but we are going to Isreal in November so we definitely want a camera for our trip, so hopefully we will get one soon.  I finally charged the batteries to our Flip so now we have video :)

A ton has happened in the past couple months.  Leo is now eating Cheerios and lots of other food, crawling very well, standing pretty well, he knows how to climb stairs, and he is an expert at falling!  He has had too many bumps, bruises, and scratches already!  He also has 1 1/2 teeth!  He didn't fuss at all with his first tooth.  In fact, I didn't even know he had it until he bit my finger.  The second tooth that is coming in now is a different story.  He has had a pretty rough go with this one.  But they sure are cute!

Since he has learned to stand he has ZERO interest in sleeping.  He instead likes to stand at the corner of his crib and scream :/.  So we have been trying to figure that out, but he is currently taking a much needed (for mom and Leo) nap :)

We also found out that Leo will be a big brother in March!!  Everything seems to be going well with the pregnancy.  I'm in my second trimester and hopefully over the morning (all day) sickness.  It was a bit worse this time around.  But I think I have turned a corner into heart burn and no puking so I will take it :)

The following videos are all pretty much the same but I liked them all and didn't want to choose. :)

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