Family Picture

Family Picture

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Trifecta of Cuteness

Here are three videos that have nothing to do with each other but I need to get rid of video before we head to Israel.  Oh ya, we are going to Israel in 2 1/2 days!!!  Yayyy :)  We will hopefully have some fun stuff to post once we get back, until then enjoy our sweet lil 10 month old :)

He likes to play in the kitchen, most especially his high chair.  I think he is mostly scavaging for food :)

Our lil dude has 4 teeth now, which means when he bites you it hurts!  He is slobbering like CRAZY and likes to chew on everything, that apprently includes our windows.

Daddy and Leo enjoying a Sunday evening together :)

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  1. You guys have a little stinker on your hands! I especially love the last one. Isn't it great how the simplest things can be sooo much fun! Love it! Wish we could be there to play with you guys. Brady would just love watching Leo get into everything!